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Marble Surface
Marble Surface
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I’m a multi-dimensional entrepreneur with a passion for fashion, manifestation and helping others live from a heart centered space.


Since 2015 I have been crafting Jewelry , collecting vintage fashion & empowering others through speaking about my passion for positive mindset.


The #SunshineStateOfMind

I hand craft timeless pieces that are meant to serve throughout the different era’s of your life.

Each piece holding a story, memory and a reminder about feeling and being your best self.

Find your staples and build your collection.

Each piece is always there to remind you of the of the warrior within;

capable, strong, kind, wise, fierce.

Jewelry to hold you through all emotions.

I believe Jewelry and clothing are a way to express yourself without speaking ; a way to decorate your essence and boost your confidence.

It is my passion to uplift others through

mindset, mentorship and fashion with the mantra

Look Good - Feel Good & Find Good in the 🌎

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Look Good

Loving your look boosts confidence and self-expression.

Embrace empowering effects

that come from expressing

yourself through fashion.

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