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The 3 Keys To Clarity- Reflection, Visualization and Accountability🔑

Habits that help you weather the storm

 These principles can help your mindset weather you happen to be going through bright blue sunny skies or if you happen to be weathering through your own internal storm.

I wish I had These 3 🔑's Keys to Clarity when I joined My local Toastmasters club almost 6 years ago. It's a public speaking organization for personal development; when I was invited, I attended right away. I knew I wanted to be a speaker and had a passion for it deep down ; but I was not crystal however on how to achieve my goals nor did I have the 3 The Keys To Clarity.

During the first 12 months or more in the , some of the minor roles, like greeter or grammarian would make my heart pound so hard I could feel it in my chest by the time I sat down.

Have you ever felt that?

On speech day adrenaline would course through me. It would consume me.

The ringing energy almost too loud for me to think clearly.

One time  I allowed this feeling to consume me to the deepest core. 

I toiled with my writing all night long and let fear eat at me every hour.

Unable to think or speak - I was sick to my stomach as dawn approached.

I could not fathom presenting in such a condition.

Around 5 AM, I texted the meeting host a little lie, explaining I was sick.

I WAS!!! I was sick to my core with FEAR.

I cancelled on a speech day.

The person I dreamed of being would not back out of Fear. This made me feel like I was getting further from the person I wanted to become.

Part of me wanted to keep that a secret forever but learning comes from sharing.

I knew in my heart that was a one time affair and I could never pull that card again.  

If that was to be true, 

I would have to change something so that I never let fear obstruct my clarity ever again.

I knew I needed to lean into principles for eliminating fear &

This is where the 3 keys to clarity changed everything for me.

What are the keys again?

-Visualization, -Reflection, and -Accountability

Most of my life , Vision boards and journaling have been natural outlets to help me with my goals

I used them through high school and into college - so I figured why not aim it towards this professional goal within Toastmasters?

** YEAR 1-2  - It looked like me learning how to show up consistently on a weekly basis and always fulfill my role duties, especially speaking.

****Year 3 -4 It looked like me commiting to 1 speech a month; then sometimes having two in one month…

******Year 5-6 I began speaking at professional events outside of toastmasters ;expanding the horizons and also achieving my speaker goals.

The key principle I had to learn 

Which drives all of this home however is ACCOUNTABILITY

Back in 2018 when I was truly a rookie, what I was missing this the most was a solid network to lean into in a time of need. Perhaps if I had that bridge of communication back then when I felt the most intimated I could have saved myself all the pain and suffering of staying up all night consumed in fear. 

I chose to let the intimidation also depict my outlook towards people who are my mentors… and that meant I didn't have one.

Your accountabilibuddy can become the difference between you accomplishing a goal or you completely losing sight of it. Be the bigger person and open yourself up to one.

You can truly do all of the visualizing and reflecting in the world when it comes to your goals. If you aren’t creating actual ACTION you will not see actual results.

Your accountability buddy helps you create action, follow through or help you simply feel supported and maybe remove some doubt from your head that is preventing clarity.

-I did not practice visualization or reflection consistently to help me stay in tune with my toastmasters goals. 

-I certainly did not have a bridge of support yet that helped me feel confident through the doubt. 

I find my way through the unforeseen storms life throws my way with much more grace and ease now that I prioritize visualization, reflection and accountability when it comes to my goals.

The storm of uncertainty.

Its bitter sometimes  

but the keys to clarity can help to navigate the path.


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