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  • Step back in time with this vintage Forever 21 Tassel skirt, an absolute Y2K gem. A rare deadstock find from Forever 21, it features gold metallic knitted fabric that adds a touch of glamour, complemented by a silky lining for maximum comfort. Sparkle and make a gorgeous statement with this skirt, brimming with nostalgia from the late 90s and early 2000s era. Embrace the enchanting allure of this piece and feel yourself shining every step and twirl you take.


    Made in USA

    (Has a slight bit of stetch)

    Brand: Forever 21

    Waist: 26"


    Length: 20"


    Sustainably curated and sourced by Hailey Sunshine 

    Vintage Forever 21 Tassle Skirt - Size: S

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