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Staying on track; despite obstacles. The #3KeysToClarity 🔑 Approach

Updated: May 14

In Life, a disastrous storm will happen; it's not a matter of if but simply when. 

Doesn't it make sense to constantly build upon habits that can help us through that unforeseen storm?

My name is Hailey Sorensen and I help people and organizations by teaching growth habits to enhance their professional and personal symbiosis.

When unforeseen circumstances happen - 

our professional and personal lives don’t have to suffer in the aftermath.

 I teach 3 foundational principles called the #3KeysTOClarity


 Implementing these principles in personal and professional life can help people build

 happier, healthier & more resilient foundations.

This in turn is what can drive higher performance in the workplace and beyond into your personal life.

Naturally, for most adults personal development does not usually fit into the day….

In an article written for -  48% of Americans today say they don't have enough time to do what they want to do in life… let alone set aside time for personal habits.

But what if we had a built-in operating system to help us achieve maximum performance, no matter what situations we may be going through?

This #3KeysToClarity approach can help individuals in an organization stay on track. No matter if they are facing bright blue sunny skies, or are bearing through a hurricane.

No matter your profession - whether you are a scientist, salesperson, athlete, or even a stay-at-home mom, there are levels to our visualization that impact the ease of our day and life.

 there are many references made to mental imagery and the part of the brain activated correlates to areas of the brain that fire when in physical action. 

It provides insights into the neural mechanisms underlying the visualization process.

Working it out in your mind's eye is an exercise. 

Neuroscientist Tara Swart even wrote a book called “The Source” Which strips away skepticism around visualization and reveals the science behind visualization works.

If you make a vision board and look at it daily and visualize it coming true, this tracks images to your subconscious and primes your brain to grasp opportunities that may otherwise have passed you by.

 Add in doing some form of action each day, no matter how small, this moves the needle for results. 

When individuals of an organization reflect on their action plans and goals, expand their thoughts, and even release emotions-  clarity and focus can be found.

Reflection through a personal journal can help drive visual aids we create and move action plans forward.

To highlight this further, I have a story about an individual I met from Boulder, Colorado named Bill. He's an extremely busy executive; managing multiple teams at once so he is no stranger to stress.

For years he relied on #Reflection to aid with grief/trauma/stress/goal setting, etc. It was already a method established to find clarity and he has always enjoyed the outcomes that come out of this habit 

When disastrous chaos struck, and he and his family were affected by the aftermath of the Marshal Fire,  Bill already knew how to use his journal to find clarity. Rather than shy away from it. He EMBRACED the pages of his journal to develop a plan of action, share his deepest thoughts, and even release negativity. From within the pages, he planned a way to return to normality. His teams & family depended on him too and nothing had to crumble apart after the chaos.

Reflection put him into the present and allowed him to find solutions and action rather than sit stagnant in grief and let the disaster ruin his life.

Disasters will come and go; what won't disappear is the foundation you set for yourself.

The final Key 

Having a person you look to as a check-in point throughout the month is beneficial in the fast-paced professional environment or when you run your own business.

When you Build a bridge of communication with another person

 like an accountability buddy or mentor

It can become the difference between accomplishing your goals or losing sight of them.

A Young Woman I know very well - used a system of accountability to stay on track with her written goals - and ambitions 

Little did she know, the storm was winding up slowly but surely, ready to knock her off her feet and tempt her to forget her dreams and goals.

This individual

- Lost her Grandmother in October of 2021, 

-Lost the storefront she helped found two months later due to COVID

-Lost the Studio Space she helped found the next year.

- Faced an entire career change by the end of 2022

All of the turbulence became nearly unbearable.

I know so because this young woman is ME.

I almost lost sight of the vision and goals I defined on my vision board and reflected on in my journals.

But I had a system of #Accountability instilled within me. 

 I built a bridge of communication with someone I trusted and created a net of support to catch me when I thought I didn't have the strength.

  •  I fought for higher performance when I kept myself accountable by working with a mentor.

  • Bill maintained his productivity and performance as an executive in his workspace with his foundational habit of reflection built into his life.

Other individuals who are part of an organization may not have experienced what Bill or I went through, but like I said Everyone weathers a STORM - it’s not if but just a matter of WHEN.

When the STORM of life comes your way, will you lose focus and lose sight of your personal/professional performance?

No Not anymore!

Because you will be able to embrace the #3KeysToClarity

Visualization, reflection, and accountability will be built into your foundation;

helping you find the 'Sunshine State of Mind 'no matter what storm life may bring.

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